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RED Carbon Standard

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We can do more

With a rapidly-growing level of carbon emissions and the negative impact it has on the environment, we believe that we can do more to encourage green practices and sustainable projects implementation.

Grow green

For this reason, we have decided to move forward with a highly-effective and open standard that can give access to more project developers to carbon credits. The target for this development is to promote and support project developers to create and grow sustainable projects that truly have an impact on the environment.

The RED Carbon Standard

The RED Carbon Standard has planted its roots intending to help, support and guide project developers through a simpler, straightforward approach that will democratize the adherence to the standard for projects independently of their size.

Affordability, transparency, and democratization

Affordability, transparency, and democratization will stimulate growth and diversification in sustainability options and will enhance the application of greener and sustainable solutions for existing flows and processes.

What is unique about the RED Carbon Standard?

  • Transparent the first Carbon Standard to use blockchain technology for carbon credits issuance and registry. The complete tamperproof information.
  • Affordable cost should not be an issue for your sustainable work to be recognized. Only focus on how to expand.
  • Accessible the size of the project is not an impediment for you to receiving carbon credits. All sustainable project developers should be given the opportunity to grow.
  • Fast have your carbon credits on the marketplace in a few months. Once you provide the information, our team moves fast.
  • Monthly Issued Carbon Credits why wait a year in order to receive new carbon credits? Based on the provided information, we can issue your carbon credits month by month

RED Carbon Standard Registry

Your project information, issuance, documents, and listings, all in one place, backed by blockchain technology.

Tokenized carbon credits

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